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Future-oriented growth

The growth of lithium secondary batteries and other electronic chemical materials industry is increasing fast. Recently, with the advent of the electric car era of green energy technologies are becoming the backbone industries of the next generation of low carbon, green growth at the national level. In addition, the power storage system using a lithium secondary battery market is still in its early market advantage, but the field is yet varied.

Joint Research & Product Development
Lichem has intensively developed its products from the early 2009 cooperating with Soulbrain and Panax E-Tec the company that provides mass electrolyte additives for LG Chemical, Samsung SDI and started providing it from the late 2009.
Green growth
Lichem rechargeable lithium battery business has drawn its attention for the Green growth of eco-friendly and also made a huge contribution for the Clean Energy and as well as for national green growth in the other production activites.